Paul Scofield in Films: A Tribute

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Paul Scofield is one of the greatest actors of our time,
and as one of Britain’s finest stage and screen actors
he certainly deserves a presence on the web. The first
Paul Scofield film I saw that inspired me with this great actor’s
beautiful talent was BARTLEBY (1972). This sad and unusual film is
still my favorite of Scofield’s films along with the award-winning
A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS and the tv film ANNA KARENINA. Scofield
also shines in several films he made with Burt Lancaster, THE TRAIN
and SCORPIO. Soon I will add galleries to Scofield’s first two films,
CARVE HER NAME WITH PRIDE and THAT LADY (which I have just recently seen)
so please visit my page again soon!

My webpage is a visual tribute to the films that Scofield has appeared in,
I think that is the best way to capture the poetry of his performances
because words wouldn’t do justice to Scofield’s eloquence onscreen.

Also, please visit my Paul Scofield Pinterest Board and Tumblr Blog for more photos of this great actor.

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That Lady 1955

Click here to see my That Lady gallery

Carve Her Name With Pride 1958

The Train 1965

Click here to see my The Train gallery

A Man for All Seasons 1966

Click here to see my Man For All Seasons Gallery I | Gallery II

Bartleby 1970

Click here to see my Bartleby gallery

King Lear 1971

Scorpio 1973

Click here to see my Scorpio gallery

A Delicate Balance 1973

Click here to see my A Delicate Balance gallery

Anna Karenina 1985

The Attic 1988

Henry V 1989

Click here to see my Henry V gallery

Hamlet 1990

Quiz Show 1994

Click here to see my Quiz Show gallery

Martin Chuzzlewit (TV Miniseries) 1995

The Crucible 1996

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